Say what you like about her or her music, but you would have to be a fool to deny that Lady Gaga is a true artiste. She even directed this, which is pretty fucking impressive.

Born This Way (Grum Remix)
Lady Gaga
Born This Way (Remixes)

I seriously can not get enough of this. I’ve been listening to it everywhere for the last few weeks and I still get equally as excited when it comes on as I did the first time I heard it. It sounded particularly good as the train pulled up to Norwich last week because I was pumped for the night ahead as it was and it just made the anticipation a whole lot bigger and better. When it goes off at 4:43, my innards feel they are about to explode in a big ball of electronic happiness. Quite possibly the best Grum remix yet and dare I say one of my favourite remixes.

Born This Way (Grum Remix) by Lady Gaga

I was really worried I wouldn’t like ‘Born This Way’. I think a lot of Gaga fans were to be honest, because it had been hyped like shit. But it was instantly brilliant, and I swear it gets better every time I hear it. Espesh in the car. Just got round to watching her do it at the Grammy’s and it just adds yet more proof that she’s an amazing live singer/performer. Although seeing her at the o2 last May was enough for me to realise that. When the record comes out in a few months it is going to be soooo good. Which prompted me to realise how good in general music is going to be this year. From listening to ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’, I have high hopes for The Strokes’ album and I know Patrick Wolf & Metronomy are going to deliver fo sho. As if that wasn’t enough, Radiohead have announced a couple of days ago that their new one is coming out this Saturday! That’s just the first half of this year, so imagine how much more ear candy we should be expecting. Pete & The Pirates and Peguin Prison as well as possible records from Wild Beasts and Little Boots. Like I needed any more reason to be short of cash!